Marine Isolation Transformers

posted on: May 26 2017 in

Standard Models: 10, 16, 32, 50, 63 & 100 amp shore capacities at 230V

Our marine single phase isolation transformers come in a range of standard capacities and feature voltage conversion models, dedicated output as well as ABYC & Lloyds compliance.

Our latest model is a 63 amp auto boost transformer that selects between two input tappings with 208 volt and 240 volt nominals - ideal for USA specifiction boats that need the flexibility to pick up two phases of a 208 volt, 3 phase supply. The feature also compensates for a low voltage hook up when you are at the end of the dock. It is a great replacement for the Charles Industries Iso-Boost.


Custom Transformers

If your needs aren’t covered by our standard range don’t worry, we can supply a transformer to meet your specific requirements, however complex it may be. We offer single and three phase custom units including a three phase to single phase option. We also supply autotransformers for applications where voltage conversion, but no isolation, is required.




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