New wind farm crew transfer vessels uses ES switchboards and helm panels

posted on: Jul 12 2017 in Case Studies, Marine

Aluminium Marine Consultants (AMC) is one of the UK’s leading aluminium boat builders providing innovative and original, bespoke solutions to vessel construction and design. AMC lead the way in quality control ensuring the highest standards of workmanship are achieved and have attained ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 Accreditation, ensuring the very best standards of build in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

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Kent farm uses VariPower – the perfect temporary power solution

posted on: Mar 27 2017 in Case Studies, Off grid

Power cuts affect most homes at some point during the year, but in most instances they are short lived and the power comes back on in hours. 

For Mr and Mrs Bowyer-Jones in Kent it was not so simple. The power to their farm went off on Boxing Day 2016 – due to problems with the power line – and has not come back on since. For three weeks the couple ran their house from a small petrol generator, running the genset for 18 hours out of 24 cost £30 per day, with fuel having to be collected daily.

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Off Grid Power for busy Suffolk Farm

posted on: Feb 13 2017 in Case Studies, Off grid

Our latest off grid hybrid power system has recently been installed at a family farm in Suffolk. The farm specialises in the production of Lincoln red cattle. The cattle are shown nationally and the meat eithers goes to top Restaurants in London or is exported to Hong Kong.

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Westcott Park Community Garden installs EasyGrid

posted on: Dec 16 2016 in Case Studies, Off grid

Even in inner London there are areas without a readily available grid connection. One such place is Westcott Park Community Garden - a small area in Acton between a housing estate and three busy train lines – which has been transformed into a community garden to provide gardening courses and space for the local volunteers. 

The garden centre is currently being used to offer tuition on growing fruits and vegetables, bee keeping, composting and raising chickens. This is all taught on site with a small classroom for the students to complete their theory based learning in. The difficulty has been that without any available power they were not able to use the building for their learning or welfare facilities.

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