EasyGrid - Hybrid power units for off grid environments

Our EasyGrid range brings off grid power solutions to homes and businesses without a mains grid connection at a reasonable cost. Rather than having to source separate components and have a bespoke system designed, our EasyGrid series offers a pre-configured, self-contained unit built from durable, high quality components; fully tested and ready to install. The EasyGrid enclosures are made from powder coated steel; allowing them to be installed outside or in an out building depending on requirements. Suitable for installation worldwide the EasyGrid range addresses off grid power needs and can be installed by a competent local electrician.


How does it work?

Our EasyGrid hybrid units connect to your solar array, they also have a connection for a generator. The EasyGrid supply utilises energy from the solar array to charge the batteries, where energy will be stored until needed. The array then tops up the batteries as the power is used. The system can also support additional loads to those listed when connected to a generator. In addition, if a generator is connected and the batteries are depleted and no solar power is available, the system will send a start signal to the generator to provide power and charge the batteries.


EasyGrid System


Purchasing your EasyGrid Unit

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EasyGrid Range

Available in five sizes, EasyGrid 3000, EasyGrid 5000 and EasyGrid 10000.

EasyGrid 3000

System specifications:

  • Victron MultiPlus 48V 3000VA
  • Batteries: 9.6kWh (Usable 5.7kWh)
  • Connect a Generator: 2kVA – 8kVA
  • Connect Solar: up to 4kW (Can be expanded with optional upgrade)

EasyGrid 5000

System specifications:

  • Victron Quattro 48V 5000VA
  • Batteries: 31kWh (Usable 16kWh)
  • Connect a Generator: 8kVA - 13kVA
  • Connect Solar: up to 6.8kW (Can be expanded with optional upgrade)

EasyGrid 10000

System Specifications:

  • Victron Quattro 48V 10000VA
  • Batteries: 40kWh (Usable 21kWh)
  • Connect a Generator: 17kVA - 45kVA
  • Connect Solar: up to 6.8kW (Can be expanded with optional upgrade)

Connecting a Solar Array to EasyGrid 

Sizing your solar array correctly is vital in getting the most effective renewable energy into your EasyGrid unit. On the datasheets you will find full details on the options available to you and how you can connect solar panels to optimise your power for peak loads.

We are able to supply the necessary solar panel kit, expansion kits, cables and connectors for your project. Please ask for prices and we can include this with your quotation.


SOLAR KIT – 1 String (5 Panels)

5 x 275W panels in series gives a maximum open circuit voltage of approx 190V.


SOLAR EXPANSION KIT  – 1 String (5 Panels)

Additional strings of 5 x 275W solar panels can be connected via a solar string combiner box.


Up to four Solar Expansion Kits can be fitted for a total of 5 strings of 5 (275W) panels. Giving up to 6.8kW of peak solar power.

[Solar array configuration for EasyGrid 3000 is limited to 4kW, 5 strings of 3 (275W) panels.]




Connecting a Generator

If you are looking at connecting a generator to one of the EasyGrid range we would recommend sizing of a 2kVA – 100kVA (dependent on EasyGrid unit) which will allow you to run additional loads. We are able to supply a generator with your EasyGrid if required. Please ask for prices and we can include this with your quotation.


Why use an EasyGrid system rather than a generator alone?

Whilst you can use a stand alone generator to provide your power for an off grid property or project it is a hugely inefficient system. You will spend large amounts on fuel and servicing costs which are often the hidden costs of a new project, with owners often not being aware of the costs they will be incurring.

With a correctly specified EasyGrid system the EasyGrid unit could pay for itself within 12 months of installation compared to a stand alone generator providing your off grid power. And those savings will continue year on year.

Our generator fuel and servicing chart will show you how an EasyGrid system can make significant fuel and servicing savings of between £3,926 and £11,130 per year.

ES EasyGrid Run Time Savings.pdf


Connecting to an Unreliable Grid

For our international customers we are able to add an additional connection point for connecting the EasyGrid 5000 and 10,000 units to an unreliable local grid connection. This allows users to make use of grid power when it is available and then to automatically switch to the EasyGrid supply during power cuts. This additional option is viable if you are installing the unit in an area with frequent daily power outages and you require continuous power. Please ask us and we can include this option with your quotation.


Monitoring and Control

Victron Color Control

The EasyGrid range incorporates a Victron Color Control as standard. This control gives each EasyGrid a great functionality.

Color Control enables full online monitoring via the Victron VRM website (internet connection required). This shows all relevant parameter and historic data including battery capacity, power usage and solar input along with many other selectable parameters. The owner can also set alarms to ensure that the whole system operates at its optimum performance at all times.  

The Victron Color Control also comes with enhanced generator control, allowing full control and monitoring of your off grid system. Owners will be able to see:

  • Generator state: Indicates why the generator is running.
  • Runtime: Generator runtime since last start.
  • Total run time: Accumulated running time since the first start.
  • Time to next test run: When the test run condition is enabled this item shows the time remaining to the next test run.
  • Daily runtime: Page with the running times of last 30 days.

In addition the generator can be set to run based on the conditions such as AC load and state of charge of batteries to ensure that those living and working off grid are never without power


Silent Nights

For those working and living off grid there are additional features the control system offers which can enhance their environment - quiet periods can be set which will reduce the chance of the generator starting - particularly at night.  Most importantly period test runs can be set which ensures that when you need the generator - it will start!

Installation, Warranty and Service

The EasyGrid series is designed to be a plug and play solution for off grid customers. They can be installed by a competent, local electrician. We have a YouTube guide to help them plus each unit is supplied with a straightforward installation guide. For customers who wish us to install and commission an EasyGrid System please speak to us to include it in your quotation.

The unit is covered by our own one year warranty, and the Victron power electronics are covered with a 5 year limited warranty.


EasyGrid FAQ

Download all the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about EasyGrid.

ES EasyGrid - FAQ.pdf


Purchasing your EasyGrid Unit

To discuss your Off Grid power requirements please contact us

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