Electrical Systems & Panels for Work Boats

posted on: Aug 16 2018 in Marine


Here at Energy Solutions we have over 20 years experience of designing, manufacturing and commissioning electrical systems and panels for work boats. We understand the complexities of these often unique and technically innovative projects. Please take a look below at some recent projects we have been involved in - and feel free to contact us if you have something similar we could help with.


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Northamptonshire Farm Installs Full Off Grid Solution

posted on: Jul 02 2018 in Case Studies, Off grid


EasyGrid 10000 Case Study

We were delighted to be approached by ISO Energy to help them with a client’s project for an off grid powered home. 

The farm near Daventry was well established for arable and cattle farming but the owner had always held a vision of building a house there as well. Once the planning was established it soon became apparent that a grid connection was going to be expensive, so he started to investigate his alternative options and chose ISO Energy to help him with this.


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Complete Electrical System Design

posted on: Jun 20 2018 in Marine


We understand designing a new vessel from start to finish, following an initial design brief to a fully detailed specification, takes time and attention to every detail. We have 20 years experience designing marine electrical systems, and the capability to provide high quality electrical design solutions to the latest standards.


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Act Now to Reduce Fuel Costs and Lower Emissions On Site

posted on: Jun 14 2018 in Off grid, Industrial

Fuel prices rise to highest level since 2014

Energy Solutions' Sitegrid can significantly reduce your fuel usage when used in conjunction with your static power generator. Most construction sites, remote telecom sites and off-grid situations require the use of standalone generators that normally run 24 hours a day; SiteGrid utilises generator power, and renewables if available, to store power in a sophisticated battery bank.


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