Northern Lights Generators

Northern Lights Generators

When you need reliable power, turn to the diesel engines and generator sets from Northern Lights.

Northern Lights started building generator sets in 1963. Since then, thousands of sets have gone to work providing electrical power all across the world. If you work or play on the water, Northern Lights marine gen sets power everything from small boats to yachts to passenger ferries.

Sound Enclosures

The highest performing enclosures in the industry, Northern Lights sound shields are designed and tested to attenuate ip to 20 dba. Trigger latch panels open to single-side serviceability and their white, power-coated finish is as durable as it is elegant.

The Finest Engines

Northern Lights uses base engines from the finest manufacturers including John Deere and Toyota. All are designed for heavy-duty applications.

Clean Running

IMO Compliant Northern Lights have always run cleanly. Each unit sold is compliant with IMO regulations.

Fuel Economy

Fuel is your largest operating expense. That is why Northern Lights have low fuel consumption rates. Compare and see how this fuel economy will cut your costs.

We Keep It Simple

Northern Lights products are easy to install, operate, and maintain. You don’t have to be a mechanic to maintain them or an engineer to read the operator's manuals.


Every set, every engine, is fully load tested with its options and its controls. Your unit is right when you take delivery.


Northern Lights features include:

  • Five-Year Warranty...
    Included on all 4.5 - 20kW Northern Lights generator sets.
  • IMO Compliant...
    Northern Lights generator sets meet all pending International Maritime Organization emissions standards.
  • Front Power Take Offs...
    Optional on 12kW and larger sets, to run shipboard hydraulics.
  • Sound Enclosures...
    Marine aluminium enclosures that reduce sound levels but provide service access.

Northern Lights - Accessories & Spares

Northern Lights offers a full line of optional equipment to make your at-sea power systems as unique as your vessel. There are also a range of accessories for the industrial units. Customise your Northern Lights generator set or Lugger propulsion engine with high quality of factory-built options and accessories.

We carry a large range of Northern Lights spare parts



Northern Lights HybriDrive Marine Solutions; designed to increase a vessel’s operating efficiency and performance all while saving fuel, costs and the environment. 


A variable speed genset providing clean, efficient, reliable power for those looking to prevent wet stacking, and are concerned about fuel consumption and it's environmental issues. The HybriGen marine solution integrates a proven BAE Systems HybriDrive package & Northern Lights' Lugger engine to deliver on-demand power. This power can be used for propulsion, auxiliary power or both. Optional Li-ion batteries are available to further improve fuel savings, reduce engine maintenance hours and provide silent operation capability.

Hybrid Assist - low speed operation

Provides electric power to augment the main diesel engine or the ability to provide lower power electric only propulsion for loitering. Ideal for assist tugs, wind farm support boats, pilot launches as well as yacht applications, it uses the proven HybriDrive system components to electrically drive a vessel at low speeds and can assist the main engine when high-end boost would be required.

Shaft Genset

Take power from your main engine. With 100 or 200 kW options you can avoid running generators unnecessarily. This solution is advantageous to inland tug operators, large motor yachts and fishing vessels, as the system pulls auxiliary power from the main engine.